Museum of the Future

The Museum of the Future

The largest futuristic and innovative exhibition space is opened to let ideologies, products and services bloom in the Museum of the future, Dubai. The museum is situated in the Financial District of Dubai with three core elements, ie. green hills, void, and buildings. Launched by the Dubai Future foundation, the museum was opened on 22 February 2022, the palindrome date. The museum is well-known for technological advancement and innovation, particularly in the fields of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Museum of the future beholds the pride of being located along the Sheikh Zayed Road. Termed as the ‘Living Museum’ the Museum of the future encompasses elements of themed attractions, traditional expos, and immersive theater experience.

What to expect at the Museum of the Future

The museum contributes to the strong global economy and landmark of humanity to demonstrate the next-generation methodologies ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Augmented Reality to cherish our lives. Every floor of the museum is constructed and designed with exciting interactive movies with professional storytellers, visionary artists, and technologists. The discussion topics revolve around wellness, health, ecology, and spirituality. You can also experience unique workshops and the children aged 3-10 can get an open-world atmosphere with dedicated areas in the ‘Future Heroes’ environment.

The Values You Witness


  •       Greener future

 Museum of the Future would focus on a LEED Platinum rating. With modernized building control solutions, regenerative drive lifts, and greywater recycling mechanisms, the building has all the power requirements to be met with the photovoltaic solar systems situated offsite. Visitors can charge the electric vehicles during the museum tours. It restricts single-usable plastic, but alternative proteins, cultured meats, etc. will stay on the menu.

  •       Free-flowing calligraphy

 The glossy units are distinctive, combined with the adjacent panels to give rise to the free-flowing calligraphy. The parametric scripting feature was used to measure the lettering size at the final position into the optimum balance between solar heat gain, natural light entering the museum, air conditioning load, and aesthetics.


  •       Showcasing sustainability

 The exhibitions reflect sustainability, where the floors are dedicated to the current climate changes while outer space concentrates on wellness and healthcare. The Museum will deal with global warming and its effect on ecosystems, the significance of solar energy collection across space, and asteroid mining to aid humanity and spirituality.


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