bitcoin vs real estate

Bitcoins Vs Real Estate: Which is the best to invest in?

One of the best ways to safely grow your wealth and ensure you have enough savings by the time you retire is investing your money in a reliable option. Various investment opportunities let you invest your earnings and enjoy the benefits in the future. However, each opportunity has its advantages and disadvantages. Let’s now take a look at the prominent sources: Bitcoin and Real Estate, and understand which is the smarter investment.


Bitcoin is the cryptocurrencies or digital currencies used to purchase goods or services, and an investment option to trade for specific profit. Bitcoin is different compared to the traditional currency since it is decentralized and no single entity has control over the transactions. Bitcoin is transferred with a series of computers connected privately and shared with the ledger.

Features of Bitcoin

  • Low barrier to entry, and huge exponential gains
  • Faster process compared to bank transactions
  • Only virtual form exists
  • Value varies as per the demand
  • Transacted bitcoins can’t be taken back, until and unless the receiver wishes to give them.

Challenges posed by Bitcoin

  • Bitcoin is an intangible asset and only exists across the Internet, making them more prone to cyberattacks.
  • Bitcoin possess extreme volatility, the existing values can change while the next trading is open.
  • Governments don’t regulate or encourage bitcoin trading.


Real Estate

Real Estate investment is one of the ideal ways to save your earnings and build your wealth. As a real estate investor, you get access to the appreciated value over time which can give you a steady increase in the source of income. You can also witness the rents increasing with the inflation, which can help you earn money, renting out them.

Features of Real Estate

  • You can touch and feel a physical asset
  • You can force the appreciation of the asset
  • Monthly rents can be used for your profit
  • Tax breaks and deductions
  • Government control and regulations

The Final Verdict

If you ask which is the right opportunity to invest your earnings, the answer is simple. Real estate is the ideal option that is legally bound, and an addition to the asset appreciation, at the same time nonvolatile. However, bitcoin is extremely volatile, and investors might lose some or all of their money and don’t have legal support.  While bitcoin poses serious threats, real estate is a reliable shoulder for your investment.


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